The International Cost Estimating and Analysis Association (ICEAA) honored three Technomics employee owners at the 2016 Professional Development and Training Workshop in Atlanta. Derreck Ross won the ICEAA Junior Analyst of the Year award after previously winning the Washington Capital Area Chapter award. Adam James took home the Technical Achievement of the Year award, which he also accepted from the local Washington Capital Area Chapter earlier this year. CEO Rick Collins had the distinct honor to address the audience of 375+ conference attendees about Derreck’s and Adam’s achievement of winning two out of the six major ICEAA annual awards.

For the third time, Eric Lofgren accepted a best paper award for "Putting Schedule Quality Checks to the Test." This is the second EVM & Scheduling Track best paper Mr. Lofgren has earned. His interest in further investigating the integrated master schedule (IMS) stemmed from his previous ICEAA research and 2014 best paper "Trust, but Verify: An Improved Estimating Technique Using the IMS." Whether you’re new to schedule analysis or have experience, you are guaranteed to learn something about the 14-Point Assessment and schedule quality. Download "Putting Schedule Quality Checks to the Test" in the coming weeks to learn how to improve quality checks and to discover why schedule quality is impossible to measure objectively.

Congratulations Derreck, Adam, and Eric!

In addition to our technical achievements and papers, the training tracks were well-coordinated by employee owners Remmie Arnold and Peter Braxton. This year’s workshop featured an expanded training schedule, including training sessions on the first day of the conference. We had eight analysts involved on the training committee, coordinating training tracks, and teaching nine training sessions across every training track.

The Technomics booth served as a comfortable gathering spot for industry representatives to have a good laugh and discuss the topics of the day. Whether inside or out, Technomics analysts took full advantage of networking, training, and the Atlanta atmosphere. From the World of Coca-Cola, the largest aquarium in the Western Hemisphere, the Center for Civil and Human Rights, and the CNN Center to the food, we enjoyed the southern hospitality and shared experiences. We can’t wait to see what Portland, Oregon, has to offer for the next workshop (June 6-9, 2017).

For more information on our presentations and training, check out our "ICEAA 2016 Conference Preview." Also be sure to download this year's papers from our site in the coming weeks. If you'd like more news on our conference appearances or the work we do, follow us on twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+.