About Us

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Technomics is a growing, employee-owned consulting firm that specializes in the exciting and challenging field of weapon system cost analysis. Our talented analysts pride themselves in shaping future Department of Defense budgets for the nation’s most critical and technologically advanced weapon system programs. Our clients are senior Government decision makers who trust our answers and respect our candor. Our analysts and clients understand that unrealistic cost estimates lead to cost growth, schedule slippage and, in the worst case, program cancellation. Technomics is committed to providing unbiased analysis and advice that mitigates the risk of these unacceptable outcomes.

Our Mission

Technomics facilitates informed decision making and strive to ensure client success by providing trusted expertise, effective tools, and realistic, defensible quantitative analyses via a corporate environment devoted to integrity, trust, teamwork, innovation and fun.

Our Vision

Technomics' vision is to raise community of practice standards through honest, innovative analysis that produces realistic answers, advances the state of-the-art and serves as a benchmark for excellence.

Shared Values

Honesty with our clients and colleagues is the foundation upon which we establish trusting, respectful and thus effective working relationships. Our analysis is forthright, regardless of the political or business consequences. We behave in a way that is consistent with the Company's shared values.
We strive to develop and maintain healthy relationships with each other and our customers so that we feel confident to engage and collaborate effectively. We are reliable and accountable.
We foster sound working relationships through respect, collaboration, mentoring, empowerment and candid communication.
We are free to create new ideas and develop effective methods that advance the state of the art and improve the community of practice.
We are committed to developing and maintaining a workplace that is fulfilling and satisfying.

Our Clients

Nowhere is our success more evident than in our client list. Our Clients & include DoD's most visible and respected cost analysis organizations, other Government agencies and private industry. These clients have come to depend on our expertise to assist them in making critical decisions.