We hope that you had a safe, fun-filled (and dry) Fourth of July holiday. As I reflected on Independence Day and what that really means (apart from a day off), I realized how much our work contributes to the larger goals of our country, how one estimate or analysis of alternatives can influence decision makers, how effective planning can impact the success of a major acquisition program, or how tools and policy can create savings for our clients. People look for a mission or a cause, something to be passionate about, in their work. Technomics employee owners are passionate about working with our government clients across many different agencies. It can be easy to lose sight of the greater mission and purpose of your work, so I asked some of our employees to share their stories and big picture moments.

Costing Safety

“I remember a career-influencing situation very early in my career. I was tasked with conducting cost analysis for a future Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) program. At an initial kick-off meeting with the program office staff, I noticed the [program manager (PM)] emphasizing various technical points with subtle hand gestures. Initially, I thought it was odd since he wasn’t pointing with just one finger but also wasn’t gesturing with his whole hand. It appeared his gestures were with just some of his fingers. As I paid closer attention out of curiosity, I realized he actually was gesturing with his whole hand; he was missing two fingers. As an EOD expert with field experience, I suspect he lost a couple in an accident. It brought home to me how important the program was going to be. That understanding of the value and mission of this project and the potential consequences of not getting this fielded in a timely and cost-effective manner was a key motivator to do my best analysis in support of the end goal. I use that experience as a constant reminder of our role in our client’s success.”

Working for Success

“The United States (US) is a pretty great place. I know that the people I’m working with and I would rather work for the success of the US than for the bottom dollar of a commercial company. The estimates I’m working on for the Navy will eventually go into the President’s Budget, which is very cool.”


“My first cost analysis program was a US Navy submarine system that was not very large in terms of dollars, but if it worked it could be critical to the defense of our submarine fleet. When I began working on the program, it was moving from concept phase to prototype in the acquisition life cycle. When I left that project some years later, it was moving into production, having successfully proven its effectiveness and affordability. Fast forward half a dozen years. I’m at a family wedding talking with my cousin’s husband, a Navy submariner, who’d just wrapped up a tour as the XO (executive officer). I asked him if he’d come across that system by dropping the unclassified program code name. His eyes lit up. He said that system was amazing, worked fantastic, had been very well tested, and … was a great piece of mind that furthered the safety and survivability of the boat and crew. [It was] a very humbling experience knowing that I had the opportunity to play a small role in the success of a program that our warfighters trusted and used.”

In my own experience at Technomics, I have been fortunate to work with five different government clients on various projects in program support, training, cost research, and estimating. At times, the details of your work cloud the wider goals that support our country’s future. It is important to take these opportunities to reflect on what you have helped to accomplish. The programs and people that we support make a difference that impacts your friends, your family, and your neighbors, whether they realize it or not. Take the time today to consider how you fit and how you contribute to our future.

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