Technomics is expanding its reach once again, this time to our neighbor to the north!  The brand new business unit, Technomics Canada, began operations in Ottawa, Ontario this month.  We are thrilled to announce this news and look forward to expanding our impactful work through this endeavor for continued growth and success of our Company and Employee Owners.


Michael Lionais joined the Technomics family on May 3, 2021 as the Managing Director of Technomics Canada. Michael has over 30 years of experience and immense senior leadership expertise in Canadian government projects.

Michael recently retired from public service after a long, distinguished military and civilian career. He was most recently employed by CPA Canada, where he developed strategies for the Canadian accounting profession to adapt to remain relevant in the digital economy. He did extensive research and liaised with multiple working groups and thought leaders to develop recommendations. Michael’s work helped to shape how CPAs think about their role in collecting, stewarding, analyzing, and communicating data and has helped identify what competencies are required for future success.

Some of Michael’s past titles include Executive Director of the Treasury Board Secretariat, Senior Director of Public Safety Canada, and Director of Industry Canada. Additionally, Michael has authored several impactful publications on financial management and data governance and provides cost estimating training to several organizations, including the University of Ottawa. While Michael’s background is accounting and financial management, he has been the authority in the Canadian government on cost estimating and analysis.

Michael will be driving the operations of Technomics Canada with the belief that it is necessary to understand and leverage the plethora of data that we have available in order to help our customers make better decisions faster.

Technomics has exciting plans for Canada!