September marks the beginning of fall and of college recruiting season at Technomics. Each year, we recruit a new class of talented associate analysts from Virginia Tech and Penn State. CEO Rick Collins takes a personal approach to recruiting by attending information sessions at the fall career fairs.

Mr. Collins stated that “our on-campus recruiting efforts at Virginia Tech and Penn State continue to be critical to Technomics’ smart growth model, specifically building a pipeline of intellectual curious analysts who want to solve challenging, purposeful Government resource allocation problems and grow their knowledge, skills, and abilities via varied consulting project opportunities and a willingness to leave their comfort zones.  The analysts you’ll meet at the career fair this year are the best and brightest of the candidates we’ve met at past on-campus recruiting events, analysts who early in their careers are making a difference for our clients and the company.  They will be most impressed by those of you who have done your homework on Technomics, who we are and why we’re different, and use that knowledge to convey a compelling perspective on why you would be a great employee-owner.”

Who Should Apply

Our entry-level associates require a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS) with a minimum of 24 credit hours in quantitative courses in the following disciplines: economics, engineering, mathematics, operations research, or statistics.

Candidates must possess minimum and overall GPAs of 3.0 out of 4.0.

Candidates should be motivated self-starters who enjoy solving challenging quantitative problems in a collaborative environment.

Candidates should be quantitative, creative, inquisitive, candid, and entrepreneurial.

Because all candidates must be able to hold a Department of Defense (DoD) security clearance, the applicant must be a U.S. citizen.

Finally, Candidates should have an interest in contributing to the success of corporate initiatives (e.g., process improvements) that impact Technomics’ performance and health.

For more information on why you should work at Technomics, if employee ownership is for you, and our employee benefits, check out our careers page:

Review the job posting for Associate to learn more about the responsibilities of the position:

Q&A with Technomics Analysts Recruiting at Virginia Tech

Analysts Rachael Pascale and Katie Taylor will be attending the Virginia Tech Engineering Expo career fair, and I had the opportunity to ask them a few questions about their career fair experiences and tips for candidates.

Q: Why did you choose to accept a position with Technomics?

Rachael: “As a senior in college, I wasn't positive what I wanted to do after graduation. I received an email from the mathematics department telling students that Technomics was looking to hire students with quantitative backgrounds. Since there isn't a career fair specifically for math majors, unlike engineering or business, I did some research on the company and went to the Engineering Expo to talk to Technomics. There were many things I learned about Technomics at the career fair that I really liked: small company, lots of young employees who do things outside of the office (like participate on sports teams), and the work itself sounded very interesting and fit well with my background. It also left an impression on me that Rick Collins, the CEO of Technomics, attended the career fair and information session.”

Katie: “I chose Technomics for the combination of challenging work and the welcoming company culture. I was excited for the career growth opportunities Technomics provided while being able to maintain a great work/life balance.”

Q: Why is recruiting fellow alumni important?

Katie: “To me, recruiting at Virginia Tech is very important. Understanding the ins and outs of programs that fellow Alumni have graduated from allows us to be confident that VT Alumni will be able to make valuable contributions at Technomics. I am able to connect with candidates on a deeper level having experienced similar programs.”

Q: What makes a successful career fair candidate?

Rachael: “At Technomics, we look for well-rounded employees: someone easy to talk to, strong quantitative background (engineering, mathematics, statistics, economics, finance, etc.), an interest in the work that we do, and the willingness to learn.”

Katie: “The career fair candidates that stand out the most are the ones that come prepared. Taking the time to research what Technomics is all about definitely makes an impact on me as an interviewer. If candidates have specific questions and can help lead the conversation, it shows both initiative and interest which is exactly what we are looking for.”

Career Fair Survival Tips

  • Don’t be nervous
  • Come prepared – do some research in companies you’re interested in before attending the career fair
  • Ask questions – try to make them personalized using your research
  • Tailor your resume to reflect the specific company and position
  • Check with your university for venue-specific information (i.e., no bag policies)

Event Details

Technomics will be attending the Virginia Tech Engineering Expo 2016 on Wednesday, September 14. The Expo will be held in the Squires Student Center from 10:00-4:00. Review our company profile, and come see us at Booth 208 in the Owens Banquet Room. We will be interviewing talented, qualified candidates from the Expo on Friday, September 16, at the Smith Career Services Building.

Fall Career Days at Penn State will also take place the week of September 13-15. Technomics will be recruiting on Tuesday, September 13, at the Non-Technical Full-Time Career Day and on Thursday, September 15, at the Technical Full-Time Career Day at Booth A-04. Fall Career Days are held each year at the Bryce Jordan Center, which will be open to students from 11:00-4:00. Technomics will also be attending the Industrial Engineering Career Fair at the Days Inn in State College on Wednesday, September 14, from 7:30-9:00. We will interview qualified candidates on Wednesday, September 14, and Friday, September 16. Be sure to come prepared by reviewing our company profile.

We will be accepting electronic and paper resumes. To apply for a position as a Technomics Associate, review the job posting on our careers page:

Is Employee Ownership for You?

If you think you have what it takes to contribute to company growth and success, we hope to see you at the Virginia Tech Engineering Expo and Penn State Fall Career Days in September. Learn more about employee ownership and Technomics’ company culture on our careers page. If you have any questions about recruiting or our open positions, please contact our Technical Recruiter, Hannah Moore, at