For more than thirty-five years, Technomics has strived to do just one thing — help our clients make informed decisions by combining analytical rigor with timely, authoritative knowledge. To live up to our tagline of Better Decisions Faster, we always look for ways to increase the utility of data to assist our clients better. This includes making use of more data, rather than less, and analyzing it using methodical, repeatable, and defensible techniques. To enable this vision further, we are launching the Technomics Innovation Lab.

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The development of this new innovation lab is a physical product of 19 consecutive years of profitable growth at Technomics, and it is strides like this that allow us to surge forward as we do our part to further methods and techniques and smartly leverage technology advances within the analytical decision support community.

At the Technomics Innovation Lab, we want to spend less time talking and more time showing you the insight that can be drawn from your data. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then an interactive demo showing the power of your data is worth a million.

In today's day and age, data analytics and technology are inseparable. Further, data analytics is an evolving, fast paced field. With the Technomics Innovation Lab, we hope to...

  • Demonstrate use cases and examples for the methodologies and applications for the data analytics aspect. We will have the ability to show the features of the most popular commercial tools as well as several open source options to our visitors. This allows them to see which attributes and capabilities of data visualization techniques best support their needs.
  • Present our framework of the processes and activities that define cost analysis and show where certain data analytic techniques and tools can increase the efficiency and accuracy of the analysis. This will further our tradition of excellence in cost analysis which forms the center of our other offerings.
  • Create a hands-on learning experience to guide requirements definition, for the technology aspect. We designed the Technomics Innovation Lab to facilitate collaboration as well as foster discussions among as many as eighteen people, broken out into as many as four groups.
  • Provide unbiased, thoughtful, and well-planned assessments of the client's needs. The Technomics Innovation Lab will be founded and supported thereafter by the same intelligent, curious, and trustworthy analysts who have proven they can assist clients with making data-driven decisions day-in and day-out.

There is no coincidence that the Technomics Innovation Lab shares the same initials as the popular phrase “today I learned.” The Technomics Innovation Lab will provide a hands-on and individualized learning experience that will leave visitors curious about what their data might tell them, equip them to tackle the unknown, and inspire them to take action, all with the support of Lab resources. We invite you to visit and explore with us what we might learn today in preparation for tomorrow’s challenges!

Technomics Innovation Lab Enable Better Decisions Faster