In keeping with past tradition, Technomics left its mark on the 2019 International Cost Estimating and Analysis Association (ICEAA) Workshop in Tampa, FL in mid-May. ICEAA’s annual Professional Development & Training Workshop attracts government, industry, and academic cost community professionals for a three and a half day program dedicated to developing appreciation and understanding of data-driven estimating and analysis techniques.

This year’s event featured 76 paper track presentations and 45 training sessions. We are extremely proud of the fact that Technomics employee owners stole the show with nine paper track presentations, five training sessions and five awards!

Technomics Paper Presentations

Technomics employee owners delivered the nine technical presentations listed below. In all but two cases, the presentations were a synopsis of detailed technical papers that qualified our authors for best paper awards. All of the papers and presentations are available online in the ICEAA archives.

  1. The Programmatic Estimating Tool (William Laing)
  2. CDMS: Developing a Database Solution for Data Management (Ben Truskin)
  3. EVM Visualization: The Technomics Radar Tool(Tyler Staffin & Brian Flynn)
  4. Estimating Missile Guidance and Control Development Cost: An Important Advance (Jim York, Olivia Collins, Paul Hardin, Jeff Cherwonik & Alec Morris)
  5. Don’t Just Use Your Data … Exploit It! (Adam James, Jeff Cherwonik & Brandon Bryant)
  6. Flexfiles: The Next Generation in Contractor in Contractor Cost Reporting(Ben Berkman & Marc Stephenson)
  7. A New Approach When Cost/Capability Trades Matter Most(Adam James, Jeff Cherwonik & Rich Bazzy)
  8. Contractually Speaking: The Story of DoD Contract Vehicles(Orly Olbum & Peter Braxton)
  9. The 11thCommandment: Thou Shalt Migrate to the Cloud (Emily Hagerty, Orly Olbum & Brian Flynn)

Technomics authors took home three of the six best paper awards. Winning papers include:

(Pictured from left to right) Tyler Staffin and Brian Flynn’s paper EVM Visualization: The Technomics Radar Tool;

(Pictured left to right) Adam James, Jeff Cherwonik, and Brandon Bryant’s paper Don’t Just Use Your Data … Exploit It!; and

Adam James, Jeff Cherwonik, and Rich Bazzy’s (pictured left) paper A New Approach When Cost/Capability Trades Matter Most.

Furthermore, Marc Stephenson (left) and Ben Berkman’s (right) paper Flexfiles: The Next Generation in Contractor Cost Reporting and Adam James, Jeff Cherwonik, and Brandon Bryant’s paper presentation Don’t Just Use Your Data … Exploit It! each attracted ~125 of the nearly 500 workshop attendees!

Technomics Training Sessions

Technomics employee owners co-instructed five training sessions at the workshop. Additionally, Omar Akbik served as Training Program Chair, responsible for coordinating 45 training sessions.

The five training sessions are shown below:

  1. Prob/Stat Basics (Peter Braxton & Orly Olbum)
  2. Data Collection (Sara Shaw)
  3. Regression Multiplicative (Peter Braxton)
  4. Software Cost Estimating (Rob Schneid)
  5. Economic Analysis Basic (Rebecca Zeiger)

Technomics Association Award Winners

ICEAA recognizes noteworthy individual and team accomplishments via seven annual association awards. These prestigious awards recognize individuals and teams who "set the standard for service to the associations and achieving in the industry." We are proud of Technomics employee owners Remmie Arnold and Peter Braxton for winning two of the seven awards.

Remmie (pictured left) won the Management Achievement of the Year Award for creating a productive and encouraging work environment for staff or colleagues, developing and maintaining standards of proficiency and performance, and overall effective project management competence.

Peter (pictured right) won the Educator of the Year Award for  outstanding education and training contributions  via teaching and writing/editing/publishing educational materials that further the professional development of current and future cost professionals.

In summary, Technomics success in Tampa is the most recent evidence of our employee owners embracing the company’s enduring and inspirational vision:

To raise community of practice standards through honest, innovative analysis that produces realistic answers, advances the state-of-the-art and serves as a benchmark for excellence.”

We look forward to continuing our tradition of raising the bar and improving the cost community at next year’s workshop in San Antonio, TX.