We’ve got ICEAA on our mind for the month of May with the annual ICEAA conference starting tomorrow, May 14, 2019, in Tampa, FL. See how ICEAA members get involved through innovative training opportunities and join the fun.

Did you know that the International Cost Estimating and Analysis Association (ICEAA) is a great organization to be a part of? They have many opportunities to offer and at Technomics, we appreciate their openness to invite new members to the cost community with an emphasis to those who want to learn, share, inspire, and innovate. They host many training sessions throughout the year, which means if you’re new to the cost community, they are a great resource for staying connected and informed about what is going on in the cost world.

ICEAA is ever evolving and strives to help its members stay connected to the cost community any way possible. Our very own Technomics’ Technical Director, Rick Collins, who also is the ICEAA Region 2 Director and upcoming new President of ICEAA’s Board of Directors, was the moderator of the first webinar in ICEAA’s new Engage-Collaborate-Advance series, which began in April. The webinar featured a panel of senior thought-provokers that presented their perspectives on the challenge of understanding the cost implications of the Middle Tier Acquisition approach initially outlined in the FY2016 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and subsequently implemented by the Services. Many from Technomics found the panel’s perspectives very informative. Michelle Petre, a Practice Area Director at Technomics, said, “It was great to hear diverse perspectives from across DoD. It is clear that each organization is still evolving their cost estimating methodologies to fit this new acquisition approach.”


Just recently on May 1st, ICEAA hosted a Learn-at-Lunch at MITRE, “Development Aircraft Cost Estimating: Methods and Affordability.” The guest speaker was Dave Stem from the Air Force Cost Analysis Agency (AFCAA) who discussed the difficulties and methods associated with estimating life cycle cost for aircraft programs with design concepts still in the formulation stage.


One of the attendees was Technomics’ very own Will Sarmiento, an analyst new to the cost community. He was excited about this learning opportunity and said, “Learning about the complexity behind the cost estimating methodologies for our current and future aircraft was fascinating. As someone with a background in aerospace engineering, I admire the process and systems that make up these aircraft, and getting to hear directly from the Division Chief of the Air Force Cost Analysis Agency (AFCAA) about the different approaches for aircraft life cycle costs was a real treat.”

Technomics is attending the ICEAA Conference in Tampa, 14-17 May
We hope to see you there!

Another great opportunity hosted by ICCEA is their annual conference, held in Tampa, Florida this year. Technomics is excited to be a part of the ICEAA conference again. We will be well represented in paper presentations, training sessions, and with an amazing booth set up at the conference. If you are also attending, please come by and say “hi!” to make new connections or visit an old friend you haven’t seen in a while. We at Technomics love to aid in impacting the cost community by sharing our knowledge and skills with everyone in ICEAA, while also gaining knowledge to better ourselves and serve our clients. ICEAA is a wonderful place for everyone in the cost community to come together and facilitate this exchange of information. We want to see ICEAA thrive for many years to come and for it to be a conduit of change and information sharing.