The Technomics annual State of the State meeting gave us many reasons to celebrate the close of our FY19. Among them is an impressive year over year growth trend for the past 19 consecutive years (and 14 consecutive quarters and 32 consecutive months)! In recognition of accomplishments, hard work, and a job well done, Technomics enjoyed a FY19 closeout Happy Hour at Don Tito’s in Arlington. It was an evening full of gratitude and optimism as Technomics looks towards the future and sets the stage for FY20.

Closing Out a Successful Year with Reflection and Celebration

The results are in! After counting down to the penny, Technomics can finally say it's been another amazing year of great impactful work and profitable growth, and it's thanks to everyone here at Technomics. The last 12 months have been challenging but also greatly rewarding. We continued to take on the challenge of setting the bar high and striving for the best, because we love what we do here!

Another Amazing Year in the Books

At our annual State of the State Meeting this past Thursday, we looked back on FY19 to review our goals, accomplishments, and challenges. We welcomed once again all our new hires for the year, praised individuals for their amazing work and contributions, and congratulated all our friends that got promoted. We learned that Technomics had another year of profitable growth, adding to its ongoing record for a total of 19 consecutive years. We looked back on the ways we continued to drive research and innovation while putting in substantial effort to further grow our skills, capabilities, and impact. Our growth is just one of the many reasons to celebrate, and celebrate we do!

To celebrate another successful year, Technomics enjoyed an End of FY19 Happy Hour at Don Tito's in Arlington. At Technomics, there is no such thing as all work and no play! We worked very hard for our clients, our company, and for each other. In gratitude of a job well done, we toasted each other, thanked each other, and shared in the memories of the last year. The drinks were flowing and there were many shared smiles and laughs. A good time was had by all for an amazing job well done for the last 12 months.

Goodbye FY19, Hello FY20!

In the new fiscal year here at Technomics, we know there is room for improvement. We acknowledge that we have several strategic issues to resolve (who doesn't?!), but we love a good challenge. As extremely analytical individuals, we will use every tool, listen to every meaningful thought, and work together to solve these issues as we have done year after year. It's going to be a very exciting new year at Technomics and we are all looking forward to it and the new challenges it brings.