Congratulations are in order for Rick Collins, Remmie Arnold, and Cat Dodsworth. All three Technomicians won National and Local ICEAA Board Member positions.


Congratulations are in order for Rick Collins, Remmie Arnold, and Cat Dodsworth.  All three Technomicians threw their hats into the pool of many applicants running for National and Local ICEAA Board Member positons.  Remmie Arnold will take on the leadership role of President for the Washington Capital Area Chapter, while Cat Dodsworth starts her leadership role as Secretary for the Central Virginia Chapter.  This follows suit, not too long after Rick Collins was elected as President at the national ICEAA level.  

Each of our colleagues are busy people as it is, but they ran because they felt the need to serve, to help make our beloved cost community bigger, stronger and even more relevant.  We are so very proud of them!  We know they will give it their all.  Technomicians are looking forward to some amazing years at ICEAA with them at the helm of leadership.  Some highlights of their past achievements and goals for the next two years are listed below.

Rick Collins wins President at National Level!

Rick is the Technical Director and former CEO of Technomics.  He brings over 39 years of cost estimating and analysis experience to his position on the board.  In 2010 Rick received the Society of Cost Estimating and Analysis (SCEA) National Estimator/Analyst of the year award for Contributions in Management.  He also won the Navy Superior Civilian Service Award in 1998.  Rick is already busy in his new role kicking off initiatives focused on the following priorities:

  • Improving CEBoK and associated certification exams
  • Developing Software CEBoK (aka sCEBoK) and associated certification exam
  • Stimulating increased level of U.S. Government (USG) cost analysis community engagement
  • Delivering greater value to public/private sector cost analysis community outside the U.S., aka make the “I” in ICEAA more meaningful
  • Stimulating increased level of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) estimating, pricing, and engineering community engagement

We look forward to seeing what the next two years bring!



Remmie Arnold wins President at Local Level!

Remmie is a CCEA certified Technomician, who brings over 10 years of cost and analysis experience to his new role as President for his local ICEAA Washington Capital Area Chapter.  He has been very active in ICEAA ever since joining in 2012.  In 2018 he won the MDA Contractor of the Year – Agency Operations and followed on in 2019 to win the Management Achievement of the Year award. He went above and beyond to create the CCEA Finishing School program, to aid future cost estimators in getting their certifications.  We can’t wait to see what he will do with the Washington Capital Area Chapter!  Stay tuned for updates.



Cat Dodsworth wins Secretary at the Local Level!

Cat joins the cost community after spending the first 7 years of her career in the field of Chemical and Biological Research and Development.  During her past life as a biologist, she co-authored and published many peer reviewed papers and presented often on the topic of Bacillus Anthraces and other surrogates for the causative agent of Anthrax.  She looks forward to becoming more involved with ICEAA by stepping into this role.  She is excited to create a branch off CVA specific website to keep her members well informed and create a living history of the Chapters activities.



Congratulations to each one of them on their recent wins.  We will continue to provide updates on their progress, so stay tuned.  If you are interested in joining ICEAA or want to learn more, including where your local chapter is located, hop on over to the ICEAA website at

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