The closing of October marked the end of another successful Employee Ownership Month at Technomics. With another year in the books, four employee owners were presented with the Employee Owner of the Year award for their contributions and accomplishments that furthered the growth of their colleagues, their clients, and Technomics as a whole. The winners received 30 shares of employee stock for impacts they have made over the past year.  These shares of stock represent a second form of ownership of the company beyond the standard Employee Stock Ownership Plan.

Recipients of the awards include one Junior-level analyst, one Mid-level analyst, and one Senior-level analyst. This year, for the first time ever, an additional award was given for the employee owner who has made a notable impact on Technomics’ business development efforts.

Employee Owner of the Year awards go to the individuals who stood out among their peers by excelling in the following criteria:

  1. Does excellent work, exceeding Project Lead, Senior Leadership Team, and client expectations
  2. Thinks and acts like an owner
  3. Takes initiatives
  4. Brings a positive energy to all situations
  5. Able and willing to leave comfort zone
  6. Steps up without concerns about “credit”
  7. Takes action to own something
  8. Genuinely goes above and beyond
  9. Has maturity to take a long view and exercise patience

While the above criteria may seem extensive, they reflect Technomics’ uncommon high standards and culture of excellence.  The Senior Leadership Team identified an initial pool of employee owners in consideration for the Employee Owner of the Year awards. This year was a struggle for them because there were so many great candidates to select from; they had to spend three separate sessions reviewing candidates and selecting winners.  In the end, there were four worthy individuals that came out triumphantly.

Emily Smith – Junior-level Employee Owner of the Year

Emily joined Technomics a little over a year ago and has made an impact far beyond her junior status. Emily is supporting three Navy Integrated Warfare Systems (IWS) projects and has received notoriety for her work in all three. Her work has led to expanding Technomics’ level of support on one of her projects. Time and time again she has surpassed her client need and has brought unrivaled value.

Additional to her accomplishments on client work, Emily has made great contributions to the growth of Technomics. Emily returned to Virginia Tech, her alma mater this fall to Co-lead campus recruiting with Daniel Martin where she spent a week interviewing and vetting potential candidates for in-office interviews.  Emily leads Technomics’ Community Service Team and each month provides opportunities for the office to contribute to our local community. Also of note, Emily has supported teaching two Technomics Training Institute – Foundations of Cost Estimating (TTI FCA) sessions, authored and vetted multiple Technomics blog posts, and is spearheading a working group with fellow Employee Owners to catalog and standardize Technomics’ Earned Value, Integrated Baseline Review (IBR), and schedule analysis support. She is also developing a presentation/demo of the Advanced Radars production model she and her team created for next year’s MORS symposium.

Ramzi Shuhaibar – Mid-level Employee Owner of the Year

Ramzi has been with Technomics for three years and has become known as Mr. Reliable for his ability to always deliver above and beyond on his responsibilities. He is also known for his willingness to help anywhere he may be able to offer support. Ramzi leads a portfolio of four different client projects and never fails to deliver unparalleled client value to each one. He serves as a role model to the other analysts he works with, leading by example, and exemplifying what true employee ownership really means. His work ethic is unparalleled and his positive attitude makes him stand out not only within the company, but to his clients as well. He consistently shows his focus on the big picture through his actions – something that has and will continue to benefit him. 

Ramzi has been a force in Technomics Business Development, performing leads generation, writing white papers, securing new scope on an existing project, and leading or supported multiple proposals, two of which resulted in wins. He never fails to say “yes” to new challenges and has made a name for himself as an extremely effective and reliable contributor to the betterment of Technomics. Regardless of what is on his plate, he is always focused, positive, and present with whatever team he is working with. Ramzi has the ability and willingness to leave his comfort zone, take on new responsibilities, and deliver with above and beyond value.

Eric Cohen – Senior-level Employee Owner of the Year

Eric has been with Technomics for over seven years and is well known to other Technomicians as well as the greater cost community. Most recently, Eric led the SM-6 Blk I/IA multi-procurement proposal evaluation. Eric applied an innovative TAR tool to accelerate proposal evaluations. For his team’s accomplishments, Eric,Maggie Dozier, and their client earned the ICEAA Washington Capital Area Team Achievement award. Additionally, Eric led SM-2 Blk IIIC contract negotiations, grew his current footprint, and provided support to the Navy Total Ownership Cost (TOC) BPA proposal resulting in a win.

Eric is six months into his new role as a Technomics Project Manager and has already made strides in providing continuous improvement to Technomics’ talent management. Eric developed a comprehensive tracking tool for performance, which is now used by all Employee Owners to help manage their time. Eric is also working on writing project lead guidance to help standardize a high quality leadership training program. Furthering his reach as an educator to more junior or inexperienced analysts, Eric has taught multiple TTI FCA sessions and is revered as a valuable trainer within Technomics and the cost community. He has taken great initiative, seizing numerous opportunities both internally and external to the company.

Al Levinson – Business Development Employee Owner of the Year

Al joined Technomics a little over one year ago as a Senior Associate and has grown immensely, repeatedly exceeding client needs. It is not typical for a junior-level employee to lead business development efforts, however Al’s maturity in business development this past year inspired the creation of this new Business Development Employee Owner of the Year award.

Al’s eagerness and drive helped secure a significant Analysis of Alternatives project. His same focus on innovation, quality, and problem solving resulted in his client requesting additional support on an unrelated program.

Al’s two recent business development accomplishments are the products of his hard work, willingness to leave his comfort zone, relationship building, and positive outlook. He has gone out of his way to network in a meaningful way, which certainly paid off as it exposed him to various potential new clients and opportunities. Al serves as a role model for how analysts at all levels can make impacts far beyond the expectations of his or her position.


Looking Ahead

“The Senior Leadership Team struggled to select the recipients of the Employee Owner of the Year awards because there were so many deserving employees. Congratulations and thanks to all four winners! You have so genuinely and successfully gone above and beyond to better your clients, colleagues, and company.”
Al Leung, CEO

Technomics wrapped up another successful Employee Ownership Month full of fun and learning activities. Each year we remember the power and benefits of Employee Ownership and the culture it lends itself. Congratulations to all the Employee Owners of the Year! We look forward to seeing what incredible feats all of our valuable employee owners will accomplish in 2020 and beyond.