On September 18th, the Technomics team volunteered with the Arlington Food Assistance Center (AFAC) to ensure food security for the Northern Virginia community. We spent time organizing oranges into family portions, making them easier to distribute. Technomics has volunteered with AFAC multiple times throughout the years, as we strive to choose partners that make an immediate, continuous impact on our local community. Attendees from Technomics were Isis Culver, Chuck Horgan, Matt Mercado, Tom Oettinger, Scott Bidlack, Rachael Pascale,  Emily Smith, Jack Titus, and Rachel Yanoschak.

"We've had a great relationship with AFAC over the last few years… it's a wonderful opportunity to get out of the office, spend time with coworkers, and give back to the community."

Rachael Pascale, Lead Analyst, Technomics, Inc.


About AFAC

AFAC has been a staple in the community since 1988. With the high costs of living in Arlington, many families struggle to make ends meet. AFAC helps provide access to nutritious supplemental groceries for families that would otherwise be food insecure.  AFAC focuses on providing foods, like meats, milk, eggs, fruits, and vegetables. They aim to relieve food budgets for families, allowing them to make health-conscious decisions. AFAC gives their recipients a choice on what food they receive, which allows families to choose food they know how to prepare. Their choice model helps reduce the amount of food waste generated by other food banks. They also offer delivery services free of charge to further alleviate the burdens of a traditional grocery store.