The Technomics Annual State of the State (SoS) is one of the most anticipated days of the year that all Technomicians look forward to. This year’s was no exception.  Technomicians can finally say it’s been another amazing year of great work, growth, and profitability.  The last 12 months have been challenging, but also greatly rewarding.  Employee-owners have continued to take on the challenge of setting the bar high and striving for the best.

We Did it! Another Amazing Year

At the Annual State of the State Meeting, Technomics reflected on FY22 and reviewed the company’s goals, accomplishments, and challenges.  We welcomed once again the many new hires from the last 12 months, praised individuals for their amazing work and contributions, and congratulated 40 employee-owners who earned a promotion this year! Congrats to everyone!

We learned that Technomics had another year of profitable growth, adding to its ongoing record for a total of 22 consecutive years.  We looked back on the many ways we continued to drive research and innovation while putting in substantial effort to grow our skills, capabilities, and impact.  Our growth is just one of the many reasons to celebrate, and celebrate we did.  We earned it!