This year Earth Day is celebrated today, on April 22nd. Celebrating Earth Day is so important as it brings awareness to the activities that support keeping the Earth healthy and clean. Volunteering at organizations who participate in beautification efforts and trash pickups are just one way to get involved, make an impact, and meet like-minded individuals who also share a passion in keeping the Earth happy and thriving. Additionally, reducing one’s own carbon footprint at home by switching to more eco-friendly products, composting, using reusable bags while shopping, or even utilizing public transportation, when available, support sustaining a flourishing planet. There are so many different activities, big and small, that support maintaining a healthy Earth.

This year, Technomics pulled together a list of activities that anyone can participate in during Earth Day, and beyond.  Check them out below:

Everyday Activities:

Pick an activity from the graphic below to try today, and make plans to try the others throughout next week!

All Year Long:

  • Visit a National Park
  • Replace non-reusable products with reusable products:
    • Paper towels for cloth towels
    • Reusable water bottles over plastic bottles
    • Replace plastic straws for metal straws
    • Use reusable grocery bags
  • Switch paper bills to paperless bills
  • Unplug appliances when not in use
  • Shop eco-friendly products for your household
  • Volunteer at an environmental organization

Gardening Tips:

In addition to the list of Earth Day activities above, Technomic’s own gardening group, Gardenomics, has provided a few tips and tricks for those who are interested in heading to their local nursery this Earth Day. Gardenomics encourages everyone to grab a few plants and supplies and head outside this year to grow, or even start, their garden! These tips and tricks will help maintain a blooming and flourishing garden and landscape all year long.

Getting Inspired!

Participating in Earth Day activities is a fun way to introduce good habits that can leave a lasting impact. It is also an opportunity to get inspired for gardening, volunteer events, or new creative outlets, such as creating art from photos taken during hikes. Our Technomics very own Rachael Pascale used her trips to National Parks for inspiration to create digital art from her photos!