A year and a half ago, students packed up their backpacks for what seemed to be a 2-week break from school when the COVID-19 pandemic first began. Now, teachers are learning to navigate school in a post-pandemic world to ensure that students are on the right track to graduate and begin the next chapter of their lives. For most students, this means heading off to college. Understanding that the COVID-19 pandemic affected every aspect of a normal high school experience, Technomics employee-owners realize the importance of college for most students and felt that it was imperative to help students reach their educational goals in pursuit of a bright future. 

Much like students and teachers, and the rest of the world, Technomics employee-owners are also learning how to navigate a post-pandemic work environment. As employee-owners started heading back safely into the office, the Technomics Reach Program was created.  The goal of this initiative is to have a meaningful impact on students in our local community, starting by providing scholarships to in-need students to help them continue their educational goals in college. The Technomics Reach Program Scholarship is working with The Scholarship Fund of Alexandria (https://www.alexscholarshipfund.org/) to help provide need-based aid to graduating seniors of Alexandria City High School (formerly known as T.C. Williams High School).

Over the past few months, the Technomics Reach Program has worked with the Scholarship Fund of Alexandria to understand the goals, financial commitment, and timeline of the scholarship program. 

Currently, Technomics is committed to providing THREE upcoming scholarships:

  1. The Technomics Innovation Scholarship ($5,000/year)
  2. The Technomics Growth Scholarship ($4,000/year)
  3. The Nancy Hylton Merit Scholarship ($3,000/year)

The three scholarships' amounts differ based on different criteria set by Technomics, including the academic success of each recipient. The first three Technomics Reach Scholars will be selected in the spring of 2022 and will begin their 4-year STEM degrees later that fall. Each scholarship will provide the student financial aid for four years of their undergraduate degree, given that they stay within good academic standing with their chosen school. It is Technomics’ goal to be able to increase the number of Technomics Reach Scholars each year, striving to benefit 12 students at the peak of the scholarship support.

Through different events, led by Technomics employees, a corporate commitment, and additional outside donations (through our giving page listed below), Technomics employee-owners are excited to begin this partnership with Alexandria High School.

In the future, our goal is to be able to enrich the lives of students within our community through additional scholarships, mentoring opportunities, and corporate internships. Technomics values the importance of giving back to a community that has supported Technomics’ growth and success over the years. 

If you would like to consider donating to the Technomics Reach Program Scholarships, please visit our giving page listed below:


*The Nancy Hylton Merit scholarship is named to honor our local educators and is our way of recognizing the impact and importance they have had in our lives and continue to have on students today. Ms. Nancy Hylton (currently 87 years young) was a math teacher in Alexandria City Public Schools for 30+ years and had a significant impact on the lives of many students, including CEO Al Leung. We can only hope to have as much of an impact with this scholarship as she has had on her students throughout the years.

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