Defense Analytics-Based Program Management

“The process is broken and we need to start over with a clean sheet.”

This statement is a common theme and recurring challenge presented to cost estimating and analysis teams and organizations.  This was the starting point of one recent undertaking at Technomics.

Every new administration or several years we see efforts to reform the acquisition system and its associated processes. The Army has taken the big step to establish what they’re calling a new Futures Command with the goal of streamlining the acquisition process. To achieve this they are connecting the warfighters – those who use the products of this system – with those who develop the equipment in hopes of increasing both the efficiency and quality of the process. But is that enough to assure success?

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How Cloud Costing Capabilities are Shaping Our Future

Once upon a time in a faraway land there sat a Department of the US Federal Government tasked with defending the country. As the Department grew and grew, its capabilities grew too. Soon, programs were being built left and right, creating a tough load to manage. The Department was functioning as an enormous machine in desperate need of new oil.

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As our clients’ products grow in capability and complexity, Technomics’ project management toolbox must continue to grow as well. A crucial component of that toolbox is risk management enablers. Complex projects with high levels of innovation and external dependencies cannot be effectively managed with a one-size-fits-all process. Many companies advertise effective Risk Management solutions, but Technomics has a differentiated strength that distinguishes us from the rest of the pack. We have a deep understanding of the impact of decisions being made and associated risks being mitigated.

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