Here at employee-owned Technomics, we work hard and play hard.  Our recreational teams are no exception. Technompicks, our non-competitive flag football team, recently wrapped up their summer season.  Although their final win record was less than desirable, the effort and player turnout at EVERY game was above and beyond, in the true Technomics fashion.

Determination and support were at an all-time high throughout the season, even with constant downpours and oppressive heatwaves.  The team went against what seemed like division one and two teams, which ultimately led to a sole win this year. The final record was one win and six losses.  However, all members still walked off the field with their heads held high, feeling good that they tried their hardest and did their best!  At every game, all of the Picks players got involved and above all else, they had fun and got to really know one another. 

Technomics' sponsorship allowed the team to play for free, which was much appreciated and definitely worth it for everyone who participated.  Everyone in the company had the opportunity to be on a team and work towards a common goal. This provided an opportunity for people to cooperate with those they may not usually interact with at work. 

As an added perk, all of the teams’ games were hosted on the National Mall, the same fields young George Washington once played flag football on in the 18th Century.

Sports, especially Football, is in this company’s blood; if we are not playing it, then we are watching it.  Now that fall is right around the corner, many of us at Technomics are excited to be watching college and professional football.  We are hoping for an amazing season for all of our favorite football teams. 

Thank you Technompicks for helping kick-off the fall football season for Technomics, reminding us all to work together and keep on going against the odds!