Technomics enjoys a Happy Hour and the Washington Nationals

It is well known that Technomics employee owners work very hard for their clients and each other. It is also well known that we know how to have fun and appreciate each other’s company at such events as the monthly new hire happy hour, annual fall family picnic, and annual holiday party. Another annual tradition that many of us look forward to year after year is baseball!  On July 26th, many of us at Technomics came together to enjoy a pre-game happy hour before hitting the field to watch the Washington Nationals vs. the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The evening started at the Mission Navy Yard where Technomics took over the first floor bar and entertaining area. The food provided included delectable tacos, quesadillas, and finished off with some sweet churros. While everyone imbibed in some libations and pleasant conversations, our CFO, Tom Oettinger handed out tickets for the main event: the Washington Nationals vs. Los Angeles Dodgers game.

After a change of venue the drinks kept flowing, along with some popcorn and cotton candy as everyone was enthralled in the game. The Washington Nationals played a good game, but the LA Dodgers swooped in with a win of 4 to 2 in the last inning. While the local team didn’t get a win, those that participated from Technomics still considered it a successful and fun evening had by all. Ben Berkman even went home with a fly game ball. How cool is that!