Four months ago, an eager group of employee-owners at Technomics founded the Technomics Reach Program (TRP) to help make a meaningful impact on local students by providing scholarships to in-need students and to help them continue their educational goals in college. The Technomics Reach Program Scholarship worked with The Scholarship Fund of Alexandria ( to help understand the goals, financial commitment, and timeline of the scholarship program that would provide need-based aid to graduating seniors of Alexandria City High School (formerly known as T.C. Williams High School).

Technomics committed to provide four-year scholarships to THREE new Technomics Scholars each year, so at the program’s peak, we may impact as many as 12 worthy students.  The three scholarships totaling $12,000 are as follows:

  1. The Technomics Innovation Scholarship ($5,000/year)
  2. The Technomics Growth Scholarship ($4,000/year)
  3. The Nancy Hylton Merit Scholarship ($3,000/year)

Once the program was established, and the scholarship amounts were locked in, the team began to brainstorm different fundraiser events in order to meet the $12,000 goal. 

As Technomics’ employee-owners began returning to the office, the Technomics Reach Program events began to come to life. Starting with “Welcome Back Wednesdays,” these events were designed to encourage a smooth transition back into the office, while also fundraising for the scholarships. This was also a great time for new co-workers to meet, and to learn about the Technomics Reach Program. Other “Welcome Back Wednesdays” events included an ice cream social, karaoke and board game night, and even smoothies and chair yoga!

Each event sparked the interest of more and more employee-owners to learn about and donate to the Technomics Reach Program. The team knew that raising $12,000 within 4 months would be a difficult, but very rewarding task!

As the summer months went on, the total donation amount continued to rise. Technomics employee-owners understood the value in giving back to a community that has given them the opportunity to grow and succeed.

Technomics also incorporated donation opportunities into their already scheduled events. During the annual Technomics Washington Nationals Baseball game event, the TRP team organized a 50/50 raffle to benefit the Technomics Reach Program! Over 8% of the total fundraising goal was raised from this single event alone! Senior Analyst Rachael Pascale was the winner of the 50/50 raffle at the Washington Nationals Baseball Game event!

With the fundraiser deadline approaching at the end of October, employee-owners were excited to incorporate the Technomics Reach Program into the Employee-Ownership Month events in order to reach the overall goal. In the Technomics office a thermometer poster was displayed for employee-owners to know what the total fundraising amount was at compared to the goal.

After four short months of events and fundraising Technomics can officially announce that, we have not only REACHED but—in typical Technomics fashion—EXCEEDED the $12,000 goal for the first year! The employee-owners raised a total of $12,656.28. This, combined with company matching and the CEO’s personal commitment, brought the first year grand total to $28,312.56!

The surplus donations, over the $12,000 total, will go towards the campaign’s second year of fundraising. This will allow Technomics to support the first three scholarships, and set up Technomics for a successful second year of scholarships.

The first year of the Technomics Reach Program has been nothing short of amazing and employee-owners are looking forward to continuing support in the upcoming years!

As the first year of fundraising for the Technomics Reach Program ends, Technomics is looking forward to starting off year two donation strong, as well as kicking off the other element of the Technomics Reach Program focused around mentoring activities.  

Technomics appreciates any donation amount given towards the Technomics Reach Program. If you feel inclined to contribute towards our next year’s goal, please visit and donate through the link below:

In the future, our goal is to be able to enrich the lives of students within our community through additional scholarships (more and/or greater amount depending on total funds raised), mentoring opportunities, and possibly corporate internships.