In August, we boarded the Technomics Training Institute, bound for the ICEAA Cost Estimator/Analyst certifications. We began at the humble station of Cost Estimating Basics and we’ve been picking up steam ever since.

TTI, as we’ve mentioned, is a training course for cost estimators, offering free monthly sessions to prepare analysts for the International Cost Estimating and Analysis Association (ICEAA) Professional Cost Estimator/Analyst (PCEA) and Certified Cost Estimator/Analyst (CCEA) exams. Anyone with 2 years of cost estimating experience can sit for both parts of the PCEA exam. Upon passing the first part of the exam, analysts become PCEAs. Upon passing both parts of the exam, and attaining 5 years of experience, analysts become CCEAs. We cover the Cost Estimating Body of Knowledge (CEBoK) modules over a span of 16 months.

In September, we made a stop at Cost Estimating Techniques, where more passengers boarded. We learned about the four main cost estimating techniques: Analogy, Parametric, Build-Up, and Extrapolation from Actuals.

Then, we entered Parametric terrain. We learned about the difference between cost passengers and cost drivers. (Fortunately, the TTI train is driven by desire to learn, not by cost.)

In November, we crossed state lines into Unit II, where the terrain is growing more substantial. The most recent TTI stop was Data Collection, where we learned that gathering technical data (weight, speed, power) and programmatic data (schedule, contract type) is as important as gathering cost data.

Overall, 30 Technomics employee owners and 10 attendees from other organizations have attended TTI. Various Technomics employee owners such as Brandon Bryant and Peter Braxton have presented modules. Future presenters include Ken Rhodes, Brian Flynn, Dipali Amin, Katie Taylor, Ramzi Shuhaibar, and Adam James.

Chugging along, in December, we’re on track to learn about Inflation with Brian Ullrich.

This is the fourth season of TTI. TTI meets on the second Tuesday of every month, at 5-7 PM, at the Technomics office in Arlington, VA.  For additional information, or to be added to the TTI mailing list, shoot an email to Maggie Dozier at

Upcoming TTI sessions:

December 13, 5-7 PM: Inflation
January 10, 5-7 PM: Data Analysis
February 14, 4-6 PM: Learning Curves
March 21, 5-7 PM: Regression

If you are interested in registering for the PCEA or CCEA exam during the 2016-2017 season, refer to the schedule on ICEAA's website: