Joining a new company is always a big transition, even more so during the current global health shutdown. During this time of uncertainty and physical separation, there are additional challenges to normal work, let alone the work a brand-new employee handles during the onboarding process. On one hand, there is a list of administrative necessities like setting up your computer, retrieving your ID, and working with human resources to set up your benefits. There is also the task of becoming familiar with your new company’s mission statement and values. Most difficult of all, however, is the process of getting to know your manager, your client office, and your coworkers. As demanding as this process can be, Technomics has adapted and worked hard to continue welcoming new employees. With a dedicated recruiting team, a strong and outgoing culture, and a commitment to growth, Technomics has thrived in these uncertain times by leaning on effective virtual meeting tools to continue onboarding strong talent to its rapidly growing team.


Joining the Team

Since mid-March, Technomics has onboarded twenty-five new employee owners (with five additional for October), each bringing their own background and skillset to their project teams and other colleagues. There are no signs of slowing down. “The transition has been seamless,” describes Technical Recruiter Tommy Howard. Webex, a staple even during normal times, acts as the backbone for instant communication between Technomicians. Similar to Zoom, Webex provides group video conferencing as well as group chat rooms and direct messaging. Using these tools, new hires were able to meet their team, learn about their role and stay in close contact with their client and project leads. “Technomics handled it really well,” Julius McCormack, who started shortly after mandatory work-from-home was implemented, said of the transition. Regular calls and check-ins help new hires feel supported. 


A Fun and Welcoming Culture

One of the strengths of Technomics is its environment. The modern office is designed for collaboration, with an open floor plan and many sitting areas and conference rooms perfect for meeting with other Technomicians, whether for formal work or relaxed conversation. “Culture is a selling point,” Tommy emphasizes. New Technomicians are paired up with Peer Buddies, fellow employees who help with learning the ropes as well as making introductions and new connections. The company has a variety of ways to keep everyone engaged virtually as well. Outside of designated Webex groups for project teams and important information, there are also fun groups dedicated to off-topic interests like sports, food, ping pong, and more. These groups have seen extra activity in these past few months, especially “Petnomics,” a great place to share pictures of animals with coworkers. Virtual happy hours have been a staple, as well as fun activities like trivia and cooking competitions.  These fun groups provide great ways for new employees to get involved and for old employees to keep in touch and hang out together.

Despite the challenges being faced around the world, Technomics has strived to continue to provide the highest quality work to its clients and grow its team by adapting and using technology to stay connected.