Technomics participated in the 87th Military Operations Research Society (MORS) Symposium at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado. During the four day symposium that started June 17th, several Technomics Employee Owners attended to learn the latest innovations in the national security analysis, contributed in kind, and networked within the community. This year’s theme, Advancing Analytics to Support National Security, resonated strongly with Technomics’ mission of helping our clients make better decisions faster.

“The annual MORS Symposium is an incredible opportunity for Junior and Senior analysts to showcase their skills and work in Operations Research and Analysis. Out of the hundreds of presentations throughout the week I was only able to see a handful, however, each presentation I attended had something that I could use to improve my skills as a cost analyst.”

Daniel Martin, Lead Analyst, Technomics, Inc.

Over the course of the week, there were hundreds of presentations across 7 composite groups, 34 working groups including the new Data Science and Analytics, as well as other focus sessions, demonstrations, tutorials, and continuing education courses. Topics covered everything from robust data-mining methods to data story-telling using analytics to machine learning for rapid decision-making.

Our employee owners who attended the Symposium saw these sessions as a valuable opportunity to hone their analytical and critical thinking skills. Though centered on various subjects, each of the presentations offered information that helped the attendees develop into more refined cost analysts.

Technomics Takes Colorado

Improving upon state-of-the-art and developing innovative tools has always been a core value for Technomics, so we found it particularly valuable to participate in this like-minded event to not just take but also give back. MORS put forth an incredible opportunity to absorb new skills and not only witness the trailblazing work of others in the community, but to share our own as well. Technomicians Brian Flynn, Steve Tracy, Ryan Horn, Peter Braxton, Ben Berkman, and Torri Preston all presented their work during the week.

“Our growing participation in MORS is extremely valuable to both Technomics as a whole as well as to the individual analysts that have chosen to be involved with such a worthwhile organization. What astonished me the most about MORS was the variety of analytically minded people that we were able to meet. Not only did we meet other people in cost, but we were able to network with professionals from all aspects of military operations.”

Ryan Horn, Lead Analyst, Technomics, Inc.

Not only did Technomics make a splash with these presentations, one of our very own had her contributions within the organization recognized in a big way. A highlight of the week was senior analyst Emily Foglia’s (pictured right) election to the Board of Directors for MORS. Congratulations, Emily – we wish you continued success during your tenure and we thank you for your contribution to our community!

Technomics continues to support MORS in multiple roles. As part of MORS’s Junior Analyst Ambassadors (JAAs), Daniel Martin, Orly Olbum, Ryan Horn, Abby Schendt, Matt Gates, Maggie Dozier, and Emily Foglia promote and share MORS research throughout the analytical community. Furthermore, Brian Flynn, Jeff Cherwonik, Jeff Beck, and Christine Anderson will maintain their roles as co-chairs for the cost analysis working group.

Before the next Symposium, the MORS Cost Analysis community of practice is hosting a three-day workshop from February 25-27th, 2020. The Cost in National and Homeland Security Decisions – Enhancing Requirements Generation, Acquisition, and Resource Allocation Decision-Making Processes workshop will take place in Arlington, VA. The goal of the event is to facilitate an in-depth and interactive discussion of the latest cost analysis guidance, tools, techniques, and best practices that support today's requirements generation, acquisition, and resource allocation efforts. We hope to see you there!