Congratulations all around to many Technomicians for their individual and group awards presented by ICEAA in 2020!  ICEAA put a call out for nominations for 6 such awards, and Technomics Employee Owners (in two cases, along with our clients) took home 4 of the awards this year:

  • Team Achievement of the Year

  • Educator of the Year

  • Junior Analyst of the Year

  • Technical Achievement of the Year


Team Achievement of the Year

Technomics, Inc. won the 2020 Team Achievement of the Year along with their partners Australia DOD and QinetiQ UK! Rick Collins, Paul Hardin, and Brian Flynn were partnered with members of the Australia Department of Defense and QinetiQ UK to help with the Force Design Plan 2020. It was their work for this project that exhibited high impact for the organization and demonstration of outstanding accomplishments.


Educator of the Year

The Cost Assessment Data Enterprise (CADE) program, featuring the Technomics Training Team, was able to take home the Educator of the Year award with its ability to stress the fundamental importance of data in relation to the Cost Estimating Body of Knowledge. The award recognized OSD CAPE sponsor Tom Henry and Technomics contributors Torri Preston, Ryan Horn, Ben Berkman, and Jack Titus.


Junior Analyst of the Year

Technomics’ Justin Cooper won the 2020 Junior Analyst of the Year! Justin’s work associated with Defense Cost and Resource Center (DCARC) flex files, Cost Assessment Data Enterprise (CADE) data reporting, and his skills in R Shiny Dashboard creations are what enabled him to bring home the award.


Technical Achievement of the Year

Orly Olbum won the award for 2020 Technical Achievement of the Year! Orly’s work in Cloud Cost Estimating and Machine Learning enabled her to bring another win for Technomics.

Congratulations to all the Technomicians and others who won an award!


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