In keeping with Technomics’ and many other employee-owned companies’ tradition of celebrating and reinforcing their unique ownership model during the month of October, I’m excited that our employee-owners are currently participating in a variety of social and educational activities intended to further our culture of engagement.  We started this tradition in October 2012, a couple years after the company established an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) that afforded every employee an ownership stake in the company via a second Technomics retirement savings account that offers employees the ability to build retirement wealth via growth in the company’s value.  Similar to other mechanisms the company uses to extend ownership, the ESOP is intended to motivate sustained employee performance leading to sustained company financial success that drives sustained increases in stock price that benefits each and every employee-owner. 

This sounds logical and even straightforward, but the cornerstone of success for virtually any company, employee-owned or not, is culture.  Technomics is working hard to become a company of owners, each of whom has an understanding of what drives company success and the opportunity, actually freedom, to positively influence all success factors.  Employee-ownership month is part of the company’s continuing, concerted effort to foster a participatory culture in which engaged, informed employee-owners contribute to company success in a wide variety of ways, including but not limited to delivery of value in the form of technical excellence to our clients.  The company is very transparent with employees regarding what drives company financial success and how the company is performing on a monthly basis.  In exchange, Technomics expects employees to act on this knowledge and do what they can to help the company grow smartly and profitably.  Our employees appreciate the transparency and ability to influence company success outside of client work via business development, recruiting, creation of new capabilities and service offerings and internal process improvements.  They recognize the value of taking the initiative to generate and implement innovative ideas that positively impact themselves, their colleagues, our clients and the company.  They understand that their good ideas are welcome and make a difference at Technomics!

This year we are celebrating employee-ownership month with the following activities:

  • October 3rd: Learn at Lunch: How to Get Involved & Creation of EO Month Teams
  • October 4th: Technomkicks Soccer game Long Bridge Park
  • October 6th: Technomics Happy Hour
  • October 9th: Volunteer at Army 10-Miler Race
  • October 11th: Technomkicks Soccer game Long Bridge Park
  • October 12th: Learn at Lunch: ESOP Statements & Review for Future Owners
  • October 13th: Technomics Top Golf Outing
  • October 18th: Technomics Innovation Jam Session
  • October 19th: Learn at Lunch: C&O Process & Introducing Data Science
  • October 20th: Technomics Innovation Jam Session
  • October 20th: Technomkicks Soccer game Long Bridge Park
  • October 21st: Breakfast at Technomics: Leads Generation
  • October 24th: Technomics Innovation Jam Session
  • October 24th: 3rd Annual Bowling Tournament
  • October 27th: Technomkicks Soccer game Long Bridge Park
  • October 31st: Halloween Costume Contest


About Technomics

Technomics is an employee-owned consulting firm with over 30 years' experience helping our clients make better decisions faster. Our staff of multi-disciplined, quantitatively-oriented decision analysts deliver a variety of analytics-based service offerings that meet our clients' varied needs. Excellence in cost estimating and cost analysis forms the center of our service offerings, which include Alternatives Evaluation, Program Management, Cost and Schedule Analysis, and Analysis Tools, Standards, Training, and Policy.  Our team of engineers, mathematicians, statisticians, and other quantitative professionals apply decades of data analytics and visualization experience to ensure client success.  Trust Technomics' expertise to help you make better decisions faster.