What is the measure of healthy sustainable growth? Is it increasing company revenue and net income? Is it hiring and cultivating new and talented individuals? Or is it expanding the customer base? After 18 straight years of profitable growth, we here at Technomics know it takes all three.

Our Beginnings

When Technomics opened its East Coast office in Crystal City in 2000, it was an office of three.  Slowly but surely, the size of its office and the number of Technomicians who worked in it grew steadily.  In fact, company headcount grew every single year.  On December 4, 2017, Technomics relocated to the 15th floor of 1225 S. Clark Street in Arlington, Virginia. For months prior, the office was filled with the buzz of employee owner excitement over the move. We had worked hard to build our company and now we would not just feel, but see the fruits of our labor in stylishly chic concrete pillars, panoramic vista views of The National Mall, and the smell of fresh “Technomics Teal” paint.

Moving On Up… or Should We Say “Down”

Less than one year later, we once again find ourselves humming with excited anticipation. Just this past Wednesday (October 31, 2018), our Technomics leadership surprised us with the ultimate Halloween “treat” when they announced that we would be expanding the Technomics footprint to now include offices on the 14th floor of our building. As employee owners, the root of our immense excitement transcends the physical nature of this expansion because each of us knows why we are expanding and our role in facilitating it.

Ownership Is At the Core of Everything

Every day of every week Technomics employee owners collectively contributed to the “Technomics Trifecta for Growth”, those three pillars of sustainable and measured growth. We have grown not only the number of employee owners, but have developed each other professionally to build upon the quality of those owners. We have solidified our value and competency in the eyes of our clients and have bolstered our workload and expanded our customer base. We have increased company revenue through improved skills, branding, and relevance. Each of us has contributed to those factors critical in cultivating sustained growth and we are once again reaping the benefits.  When asked what his priorities or objectives are, CEO, Al Leung, does not reply with metric for revenue, headcount, number of contracts, etc.  He simply says, “To develop and maintain the delicate balance among growth in people, customer base and company.”  Al’s insists that these three areas of growth depend on each other (e.g., without people growth, there is no (sustained) company growth, and vice versa) and in order for the company to thrive, all three must be achieved simultaneously.

The Challenge of Excellence

With this new expansion, we are facilitating the continuation of the traditions and best practices we have honed over the years. This new space represents new projects, new hires (and New Hire Happy Hours!), new skill sets, and ultimately, preservation of our exceptionally strong brand, new clients, and long-term wealth generation for both the company and its employee owners.  As we continue to grow, however, it is important to balance the joy of success with the responsibilities this growth necessitates. Expanding our workforce onto the 14th floor will require the continued commitment to the “Technomics Trifecta for Growth.” The new projects, new hires, and new skill sets will need to be earned, sought, and developed. This expansion will provide us with the opportunity to acutely experience that which we have had the privilege to cultivate over the years – and we here at Technomics are absolutely up to the challenge.

Images by John Choe